7 Day C programming Bootcamp

The program was conducted from dec 17th to 28th 2020 .
• On 17th the event was inaugurated by principal Prof. EP Imbichikoya .
• Also chief guest Mr. Gaurav Chandak , Co-founder of .
• The agenda was to teach basics of C-language.
• from 18th to 27th (sat/sun not included) the coding program was lead by a graduate of SIAS, Aquibe V (Bsc.cs , 2018-21).
• Within 6 days, basics of c-language like keywords, loops, control statements, structures, pointers, functions etc were taken.
• Everyday program was taken for an hour ie.08:00pm-09:00pm
• On 28th,Mon the competiton was held .
• In total 32 students participated for the workshop ,17 students attended the competition, and out of that 8 students submitted successfully.
• the first prize winner was awarded with 500rs cash prize.

17/12/2020 - 28/12/2020