Abdul Hadi

Like any kid who got his hands on a toy,having his hand on a computer in fifth grade really intrigued the curiosity in Hadi, That being the reason leading him to take up a hardware course in the next vacation itself to learn more about the machine and to-pave way for the discovery of his passion. Moulding his coming years and life revolving around people with the same passion and interests,enabled him to understand more about the world of computers and to find his little space in there.His vivid curiosity for knowledge kept him in path of growth providing him to have a chance of working on a project in college called “esia app” Being a part of the community, as a convener of the community didn't only help hadi develop his technical skills but also helped him to build his leadership qualities and social skills giving him the courage to establish a startup on his own called Casper. Hadi aims to be good at what he does and to keep updated with the ever evolving technologies. His bucket list includes of working in one of the tech giants like apple and taking his start up to the next level.

Hridul PK